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We tried so many other avenues to help my son and nothing worked. I’m so thankful a friend referred me to Emily. She helped my son tremendously and he got to where he was excited to go see her. It's hard to watch your child struggle and not be able to help. Emily has been our help in a rough time!

I really appreciated that the focus of my therapy was on education. Knowing what was happening to me made me confident that the strategies I learned would work, because I could see HOW they would work. Emily's explanations were always clear, and my sessions always had a purpose.

Emily has been the answer to many prayers for our family. Our son has suffered severely from intrusive thoughts, rituals, and anxiety associated with OCD. We weren't exactly sure what we were dealing with in the beginning and we were scared to take our child to a therapist that wouldn't understand the level and depth that we were all suffering. Since day one Emily helped alleviate our fears by her kindness and her thorough knowledge of OCD. She has given us the tools to help our child defeat this invisible enemy. OCD no longer controls our son and he has progressed so much. We know that OCD may not be gone forever but we know that our son now has the tools and support he needs to continue conquering OCD throughout his life.

The true understanding of what I have dealt with for years and the guidance of how to handle it has been what I’ve unknowingly been searching for all my life. Emily figured it out immediately and helped put me back on the path to a happy and healthy future.

Our family is greatly appreciative of Emily and how she helped our son through a tough time. Our son battles OCD and a pretty high level of anxiety. He is your normal high school teenager - is athletic, plays sports, and an A student. He began having pretty severe intrusive thoughts that began affecting his daily behavior. He knew these thoughts went against his beliefs and Christian values, and to be honest, it had really taken a toll on him. It began affecting his daily routines, his friendships at school, even his relationships with his family members. We feel like God led us to Emily, she was so patient and understanding with our son. It wasn't quick and it wasn't easy, but with her help and lots of prayer we got through it - and it feels like we have our son back. He hasn't been "cured" of his OCD and anxiety, however, now he kind of serves as his own counselor. She educated him where he can control his fears and anxiety himself. We are very thankful for Emily and would recommend her to anyone.

Emily was incredibly understanding and flexible with my varying schedule week to week. I could not have asked for a more comfortable setting in her office. I felt like her office was a great place to relax and learn more about anxiety. She was extremely attentive and personable, sometimes mentioning relatable examples from her own life in order to help me learn more about myself. When I showed up to her practice I was truly lost and didn't know where to turn. Emily is compassionate about her work and is very knowledgable about what works and helps you start feeling better from the first visit. She has truly changed my life and helped me through a difficult transition in my life. I am forever grateful that she was there for me.

Emily was very calming and reassuring. I never felt like I would be judged for my fears or worries, no matter how trivial they seemed. She also understood early on that I like to learn and control things and educated me not only on how to get better and deal with future problems, but also on anxiety itself and how to name and recognize it. 

I am thankful that Emily took the time to truly listen to my reasonings for seeking counseling, but also dug a bit deeper below the surface level. I was encouraged to use the skills I learned, making me feel stronger and more confident.

Emily is a very personable and positive counselor. She always made a great effort to understand and respond to my troubles. I received good, applicable counsel that I have used and will continue to use in my life. 

Emily was great. She helped me tremendously with my issues. As a result, my outlook has improved greatly. I would not hesitate to seek Emily's help again. She is a caring and extremely professional therapist. God bless her!

Therapy with Emily was the best move I made to take care of myself this year. I was able to evaluate myself in a healthy environment and learn how to modify my behaviors to be the best version of myself. Most of all, I'm taking with me skills to use daily to help with anxiety.

I appreciated receiving "homework" assignments tailored to my mental health needs.

I love that my child felt comfortable sharing so much with Emily. Emily educated my child on what anxiety is, how to decipher rational and irrational thoughts, and the appropriate coping mechanisms to utilize when needed. Teenagers aren't the easiest to persuade for therapy, but my child never attempted to cancel an appointment and looked forward to her time with Emily.

I thought the anxiety education was especially helpful. It helped me understand how I was feeling and look at it from an objective view so I could figure out how to work through it.

I feel like it was nice that Emily actually referred me to an OCD Intensive weekend. She knew there was additional help for me and did not withhold that information from me. I think she's a good therapist. She's the best one I've had. I feel like she held me accountable and reminded me to keep on track with what I would say.

Emily was very empathetic and just affirmed me as a person who has endured a lot. She helped me see my strength.

I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions. Emily makes it so easy to talk/discuss my needs and concerns. I will definitely be back if the need arises. 

Emily helped me with understanding what my condition was when I didn't understand and neither did anyone else for the last 30 years of my life. I had been told I had panic disorder or anxiety, not OCD, and I didn't get any coping skills to help me understand what was going on. Now I know and have the tools. 

From my very first session, my needs were heard, recognized, and validated. I have dealt with anxiety and depression since I was 11. Emily listened without any sense of judgment and gave me coping mechanisms, exercises, and techniques I continue today. She reassured what I was feeling and taught me ways to express my feelings in a healthy manner. After a tragic and earth-shattering time in my life, I accredit my ability to be at peace with myself through the sessions on Emily’s couch. 

Emily explained trauma in a scientific way that helped me understand why I experienced PTSD and then she developed a plan to help me learn new coping skills. She is patient, kind and professional. Her services are invaluable.

Emily is an amazing therapist and very informative. The knowledge and insight I achieved from therapy was very helpful and will serve me the rest of my life.

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